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Tom Lyon

That eagle shot is too awesome!!!! Thank goodness your sail didn't get damaged. You've already got one glider in the shop for a sail repair. :)

That was a pretty long drive. I checked it out on Google. I'll bet that ridge is a total riot to fly. Warm weather now too, I suppose.

Launching the Litesport in that kind of wind is good experience, I'm sure.

Thanks for sharing!!!!

arnaud van dijk

your blog has some interesting info at times ..and now a great shot of 3 birds so to speak . i like it so much i put it on my screen saver for a few months ha......and thanks


Thanks. To be honest it was a bit silly getting so close to them. I should have stayed clear when I saw them go after Dave first. I know first hand what damage they can do. An eagle in Manilla, NSW, 2 years ago tore up my Fun 160!!

How cool would it have been though if I had a camera mounted on top of the sail!!


AAAAAAWESOME picture of the eagle, Kathryn!!! That's the best eagle's fly-by shot I ever saw. Yeah, I think they consider the nose cone as the head, so they also probably should think that the pilot is a prey :))

I saw some guys in Bogong flying with whistles to frighten eagles off. They claim it helps, and Julia told me one day that eagles tried to attack her and she just squealed at them - and it helped too :)

arnaud van dijk

mmnnn , thats 3 sites i hear of now with live birds being protective of there air space .......blaino from dalby area in brisbane told me they have one particular agro bird known to attack regulary when you fly its area in dalby and scares the hell out of you when it attacks from the top with a mighty thump.............he said there was talk of shooting it but he was against it and i agree...........nothing like a bit of unexpected heart pump or addrenalin boost when flying lol as u know..................so u got any pics of your fun160 with claw marks on it ??


I squealed at them but it didn't work. I should have just got outta there quicker :)

No pics of my fun, I just put some white sticky stuff on it to cover the tears.

They are not all so territorial. I remember thermalling with 2 wedgies in Forbes last year for about a half hour. They really helped me out, maybe it was a gentle way to guide me away from their territory. Beautiful birds.


You lucky having a more robust wing... The paragliders tend to suffer a little more... Same eagle tore out 6 cells of my paraglider earlier and so far has riped up at least a dozen more.

Glad to hear you escaped with no real damage or injury.


PS The eagles at Pig Hill and Spring Hill are brilliant, they love flying with us..! :-)

Tom Lyon

Did you see today's OzReport?! You're a rock star. But we already knew that. :) :)


Matt, sorry to hear that. Such an expensive flight eh? How did the para fly after the attack. Did it affect stability at all?


Excellent shots there, looks like a great route too! I'm just too envious to express correctly at the moment!

Suzy Gneist

Love the shots :)
Want to submit short story with some good pics to Soaring?
Suzy (SA Editor)


Hey Kathryn,

Awesome pictures!


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